3 Issues that Can Spring from Poor Attic Ventilation

Is the ventilation in your attic doing enough to protect your home? Many homeowners don’t even consider such a question. For them, their attic is merely a rarely visited space used to store forgotten possessions. The only problem is, this could be taking extra money out of their wallet and putting their family’s health in danger. Here we have compiled three issues that can spring from poorly ventilated attics.

Added expenses on repairs and temperature regulation

Since we all aren’t actively living in our attics, we don’t realise how much hotter it is compared to the rest of our home during summer, especially when we have poor air ventilation systems. Trapped heat in your attic can cause two problems for your household:

  1. Increased expense on home cooling systems
  2. Structural damage to roof materials

If hot air is not allowed to escape in place of cooler airflows, it will gradually increase the temperature in your entire home. Naturally, most homes will look to their cooling systems, such as air conditioners, to bring forth a more comfortable ambiance against the harsh outdoors. Having poor ventilation, however, will only make a cooling system work harder, costing you more in running costs.

Intense heat is also liable to ‘bake’ the shingles on your roof, leaving them in a condition of accelerated aging. Most roofs last for 15-20 years, but if you have poor ventilation, you could be looking at a significantly reduced time frame and be more out of pocket for repairs or replacement.

Damage from Excessive Moisture

Trapped, humid heat is also the perfect environment to spawn mould and mildew. If you don’t go up to your attic for an extended period of time, poor ventilation could incubate a serious infestation that can become highly dangerous for your roofing materials. The deck, rafters, and trusses can all be weakened and warped, lowering the structural integrity of your home’s shelter. If a collapsing roof isn’t enough to unnerve you, mould can also be a severe impact on your family’s health, triggering several illnesses.

Ruined Insulation

With harmful elements occupying your attic space like heat and moisture, it is highly likely your insulation will suffer. Whether it becomes overly dried out or damaged by growths, insulation replacement can be a costly endeavour. Leaving the damaged material in your home, however, will only counteract its designed purpose of home energy efficiency, and continue to expand your expenses around temperature regulation.

Looking to improve the ventilation in your attic?

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