4 Tips to Decide Whether to Repair, Patch or Replace Your Roof

Your roof protects everything inside your home from the harsh elements outside. Whether it be from wind, sun, rain, hail, or a combination of them all, the condition of your roof is still likely to decline, and you will be posed with the question of repairing, patching, or replacing the top of your house. Here are a few points to help you make that decision.

Signs of Damage

Many home or business owners continue to believe their roof is in perfect condition until an enormous hole breaks through and a deluge of rainwater fills their living room. But damage to your roof isn’t always drastic. Some subtle, yet frequently occurring indicators that your roof is weakening include small indoor leaking, missing, warped, or discoloured shingles, rot, and crooked flashings. By actively keeping an eye out for these signs, you could catch issues with your roofing materials before any major problems settle in.

Extent of Damage

Whatever it might be, once you have noticed damage to your roof, it is time to gauge the extent. General wear and tear to a small portion of the roof, such as the odd missing shingle or leaky flashing, can be repaired or patched at relatively low cost, or may even be covered under warranty. Large-scale damage on the other hand – the type that could put the structural integrity of your home’s shelter at risk – should be looked at with a more serious lens, and where replacement is considered.  

Roof Age

As resilient and durable as many roofing materials are, nothing lasts forever. You might have only lived at your house for a handful of years, but how long has that roof been up there, tirelessly weathering Australia’s merciless climate? If it is upwards of 20 years, chances are it has come to the end of its useful life, and any damage is associated with that.

It is also worth factoring how long you plan to live in that house. If the damage isn’t immediately at an unavoidable condition, and you are planning to move shortly, quick repairs and a patch might be a viable option to satisfy potential buyers. If you are staying for the long haul, however, replacing your roof might save you from plenty of hassle in the future.

Financial Position

If money wasn’t an issue, then any home or business owner could be satisfied with the previous points to make their decision. Unfortunately, our financial position often dictates our decision for us, and the cheapest option becomes the only option. It is important to look to the future, however, and see your roof as an investment, rather than a short-term expense.

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