Some Roofing FAQ’s:

Will I need council approval to replace my roof? No, council approval is not needed to replace a roof as long as there are no structural changes to the building.

Will I need to vacate my premises while the roof is being replaced? No, there is no need to vacate whilst your roof is being replaced.

Are you licenced and insured? Yes, Hooky’s Roofing is fully licenced and insured. Certificates of currency may be viewed before any contract is signed.

What about rain and water damage while the roof is being replaced? Work will not commence if we suspect severe weather may affect the ceiling or the building in general. Should mild wet weather come into play the roof will be made water tight until it passes.

Hooky’s Roofing Terms of Service

Every contract includes a Warranty, a completion date and a payment schedule. We require a 10% deposit on signing of the contract. All residential and domestic work comes with a standard seven year workmanship warranty. All full roof replacement jobs come with a ten year workmanship warranty and an individual product warranty which may be twenty to fifty years depending on the choice of material. We have instant eligibility for home warranty insurance which is compulsory for all work above $12,000.00.

Roofing Product Guarantee Details

CSR Roofing (Monier Wunderlich) warrants all Monier cement roof tiles and Wunderlich terracotta roof tile products with a 50 year product guarantee. CSR guarantees your concrete tiles will remain structurally sound and will not:
become porous and leak
crack, split, corrode or warp due to defective manufacture
be affected by salt air or frost.

CSR guarantees that your terracotta tiles will remain structurally sound and:
will remain colour fast
will not become porous and leak
will not crack, split, corrode or warp due to defective manufacture
will not be affected by salt air or frost.

BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of up to 25 years from the date of installation of a Colorbond roof against perforation by weathering in the natural elements.
Hookys Roofing Safety and Compliance Information.

All worker’s are trained to work safely at heights and have completed the latest Occupational Health and Safety course offered by WorkCover. Glen Vandenhoek has a certificate of accreditation in Height Safety Management. Work method statements and pre-work checklists are issued and completed before the commencement of any job. We take safety compliance very seriously and our customers rest assured that all measures are taken to ensure the job is undertaken with the highest safety standards.

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