Make Your Home Perfect for Summer with the Right Roofing Materials

The hot days and nights are slowly starting to creep in. Whilst summer is the best time for the beach, pool, backyard cricket, BBQ’s, a lot of things really, sometimes it gets so damn hot that the last place you want to be is out in the sun being burnt to a crisp and dehydrated to the point of collapsing on the burning concrete. You know what I mean – those 40+ degree days. Even though we experience them every year, we never quite get used to those sweltering days and are always unprepared for them when they come around.

But what if your home is not properly insulated and has no proper air conditioning system? Those wall-plug fans only make the home warmer and being inside a boiling hot house can be just as unpleasant as being outside. Maybe then, it is a good idea to have your roof redone so that it is ready to take the hottest rays of the sun at the peak of its yearly power. Read on to find out what kind of materials are great for insulating the home and keeping it cool during those long summer days.

Colorbond Keeping You Cool

Colorbond steel is proven to be thermally efficient and also allows less heat into a premises. At night, the insulated steel that Colorbond produces allows a home to cool down faster than other standard roofing materials. The lighter colours used for Colorbond roofs reflect the sun in a better way and don’t allow the sun to gain prominence on a roof like darker colours do. Colorbond is a great option for a steel roof due to their thermally efficient technology.
Roof Tiles for the Right Temperature

Roof tiles are perfect for keeping out hot temperatures during summer, especially when glazed or coated. They work well in reflecting the sun’s rays and also emit the heat created by it. You will require proper ventilation below the roof itself. Clay tiles are also a great option, and also do a great job reflecting the rays of the sun, thus keeping out heat.

It is never a better time to have a roof installed with the right materials for beating those ghastly rays of sun at the height of the Australian summer. Think about which material suits your home’s aesthetic and decide which material will be perfect for keeping you cool this summer.

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