We’ll replace your metal roof in Seaforth

Living in the north of Sydney means dealing with fantastic, warm weather during the summer – and also means that you’ll want a roof that can cope with that Sydney summer sun. If you feel like your current roof isn’t able to keep you cool during hotter months, then it’s no problem for our professional team to install a new metal roof on your Seaforth property – booking in with us is the easiest, simplest and most affordable way to replace your metal roof in the Seaforth area.


Our team has over 15 years’ experience installing and replacing roofs throughout Sydney’s north. This means that we have more than enough expertise and ability when it comes to dealing with roofs of any size, shape or style: our extensive use of versatile Colorbond steel roofing means we can create the perfect roofing solution for your home regardless of size or shape.


We also provide a genuine written guarantee with all work carried out by our expert team, as well as providing a fully insured service that includes instant home warranty access. You don’t have to worry about our credentials, as we are a fully licensed master roof tiler and roof plumber with a Certificate III in Metal Roofing – as well as being a member of the Master Roof Tilers Association and NSW Roofing Industry Association.


Feel free to call us at 02 9948 9552 or call our mobile at 0408 026 601 to book in the professional Hooky’s Roofing team. We can also be reached via email at info@hookysroofing.staginghost.com.au if you want a new metal roof.


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