Unique Roofing Materials Used Around the World

Across the world, there are plenty of unusual roofing types that are used in place of traditional roofing. Not only are they made from unique and unconventional materials, but they are all showing qualities of innovation. 

  1. Green Roofing

Who said your garden needed to remain ground level? Green roofing has been recently paving the way within the roofing industry. This roofing type is characterised by turf being placed on your roof and the space being used as a garden type area.

This is a complex roofing option and there needs to be underlying structures in place to ensure that the proper roofing solutions are met. This includes layers supporting drainage, structural support, water drainage and more. However, they are laid usually flat, and then have a layer of turf placed on top, meaning it is a viable option for many domestic buildings. Also deemed as a ‘living roof’, it is said to improve air quality and pollution in heavily populated areas, and are becoming more common in cityscape areas in a multitude of cities world-wide.   

  1. Seaweed Roofing

For this next roofing solution, we travel to a Danish Island. Highly traditional in its nature, this roof is characterised by woollen pillows that are filled with seaweed.

Although it seems odd in nature, this roofing alternative has been used across the island of Læsø. The reason for it is that the seaweed used, which is common in the area, is highly durable and sustainable in nature and also provides a strong level of insulation. Although it has been modernised to some degree, woollen seaweed roofs remain popular in the area.

  1. Plastic Bottles

Reduce, Re-use, Re-purpose. That is the message behind the use of plastic bottles for roofing. Not only does it look interesting, but it is highly functional and affordable. Gaining popularity in third-world countries, plastic bottle roofing works by flattening the bottles, fastening them to a cross strip by means of ultrasonic sealing and thatching them accordingly.

This unconventional but innovative roofing material is not only waterproof, but highly ventilated. One downfall from the roofing solution is that it is clear in nature, permitting light to enter the structure. Despite this, it is increasingly common in developing countries due to the prevalence and accessibility of plastic bottles across the world.

  1. Tyre Roofing

With its long degradability, its durable nature and waterproof qualities, tyre roofing is the perfect addition to garden sheds and smaller dwellings. In this, the tires are cut and laid out flat, and reinforced with stone wool to make them stronger for weather exposure. These rubber tyres are used to replace roofing tiles, and are not only long-lasting in nature but also unnoticeable aesthetically compared to its counters above. 

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