What are Architectural Shingles and How Can They Benefit Your Roof?

Various roofing materials are available on the market, capable of doing a perfectly fine job in protecting your home and everything with which it holds. There are, however, notable differences in design, quality, and price amongst the offerings. In order to achieve your desired vision, value for money, and the best materials for your property, it is essential you understand your options.

When the choices are presented in front of you as a homeowner, one of those options you will likely come across are ‘architectural roofing systems’. In this blog, we explore what these actually comprise of, and why you might want to consider applying it to your home.

Superior Shingles

Architectural roofing systems come down to the shingles applied to your house. They are of the highest quality, asphalt shingles available, with noticeable attributes and physical distinctions from their counterparts, such as thicker dimensions and a distinctive texture. Manufacturers introduced them back in the 1970’s in order to bring premium grade alternative to the roofing market.

Most homes have 3-tab roof shingles, which run in rows, whereas architectural shingles follow a layered, more stylish format.

Improved Life Span

Although you might initially have to pay more for your architectural roofing shingles (around 25% more than inferior shingles), it is an investment worth making, as they last longer than generic 3-tab shingles. Whereas most roofing shingles on the market will have an expected 15 to 20 year life span (considering they have been well maintained), with architectural shingles you can expect 25-30 years.

Increased Protection

By design, architectural roofing shingles are thicker, sturdier and inherently more durable than 3-tab alternatives. They can withstand greater damage from Australia’s harsh climate, such as hail storms, powerful winds, and even moderate fires, thanks to retardant elements integrated into their makeup.

Curb Appeal

The real draw with architectural shingles is the added aesthetics they will bring to your home. Whilst most shingles age and develop dirty streak over time, architectural shingles possess anti-stain elements, which will keep them looking brand new for longer. With their versatile construction, they can also mimic many time-honoured styles, such as wood shake and slate, also coming in many different colours and patterns.

Trust a trained roofer

If you do decide on improving your property with architectural shingles, ensure you contact a professional roofer for trustworthy installation. For fast, affordable installation services from a seasoned Sydney roofer, contact Hooky’s Roofing today on 02 9948 9552.

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